Five Common Uses of Extruded Aluminium Sections

  • Aluminium is preferred by all industries for various applications because of its several beneficial properties. One of the strongest metals, aluminium, is durable and corrosion resistant. At the same time, it is a great thermal conductor and recyclable as well. Due to these reasons, extruded aluminium sections are in demand in many applications, such as: (Information source:

    1. Architecture and construction

    The uses of architectural aluminium systems in buildings range from balustrades and railings to bleachers and building facades. It is good to use extruded aluminium sections in construction because these are stiff, as well as lightweight. Therefore, it is ideal for applications, such as canopies, where the structure must have a high strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminium offers extensive sturdiness, which means that you require less material. This will assist you with cost saving. Moreover, due to the corrosion resistance, it is not damaged in rain and does not rust.

    2. Transportation

    In the transportation industry, the most critical factor is the strength-to-weight ratio. Extruded aluminium sections are ideal to use in automotive applications. They can be used in transmission housings, engine blocks, roof rails, panels and chassis of trucks, cars, railway, subway cars and boats. Aluminium is also used for making bodies of vehicles, as well as components. Aluminium extrusions are in demand as structural components that are required to manufacture lighter weight automobiles.

    3. Commercial Applications

    There is no commercial sector today that does not use the application of aluminium extruded sections in one way or another. You can see the uses of aluminium extrusion everywhere. Aluminium offers great flexibility, which makes it easier to cut, weld and machine. Industrial furniture manufacturers use it to make workbenches, carts and inspection tables. The lightweight, yet stiff metal has good value for money, and it allows the manufactured products to be modified whenever required. Factories also use aluminium extruded sections for machine guards. Apart from these, extruded sections are used in pharmaceutical thawing units, nuclear reactors, automobile radiators and air conditioners, condenser tubes, electronics, audio/visual systems and in the heating and cooling devices of computers.

    4. Framing

    It is easy to build many types of frames by using inserts to join lengths of extruded aluminium sections. Starting from simple picture frames, they can also be used in frames that are used to hold solar panels. The frames of solar panels are often mounted on the roof. Therefore, they have the maximum exposure to heat, air and water. The lightweight and corrosion-resistant nature of aluminium make it the perfect material for this application.

    5. Display equipment

    Stands used in exhibitions and trade shows are made using high-quality extruded aluminium sections. The reason behind it is that, you can design extruded sections in a way that makes assembling the stands easy and quick. It also becomes easier to transport them from one place to another. Apart from stands, display equipment and cabinets also use aluminium extrusion.

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