The benefits of managed printing services

  • Managed print services are programs offered by print providers to manage your printing devices, including scanners, fax machines, and copiers. They allow companies to improve the efficiency, productivity and security of information, usually monitoring usage, replacing consumables and meeting the company's printing needs. The functions of managed printing services vary by provider, but large and small businesses can benefit from many of the following benefits. Below you can find more information about the 7 key benefits of managed printing services:


    • Save time and improve efficiency
    • Reduce costs and save money
    • Improve productivity in your company


    Save time and improve efficiency

    The time your employees spend on printer-related tasks can be frustrating. Printing, scanning, copying or faxing documents on old hardware or poorly configured software is just the beginning. It is also the time required to troubleshoot the device and replace the ink and toner cartridges. A managed printing service should identify such issues and include plans to reduce employees' hidden wasted time in printing tasks. This gives employees time to focus on other strategic initiatives, as opposed to day-to-day maintenance tasks.

    Colin Kendrick, IT Director of Day Lewis Pharmacy, enjoyed these first-hand benefits with the Managed Brother Printing Service. He said: “We can now produce clear management reports on our total printing usage, cost per page and consumables. We've delivered valuable resources as Brother provides excellent maintenance support and helps us provide uninterrupted customer service. "

    "We have an overview of any printer in our organization and its performance. This visibility and ability to control our efficiency refreshes the business. "

    2. Reduce costs and save money

    A sporadic approach to your organization's print setup can lead to inefficiencies in a number of areas. Mainly, there are maintenance costs. Maintaining successive individual devices is more expensive than a cloud-based automated system to do this on a large scale. Managed printing services very often connect all devices to a monitoring system to ensure timely delivery of replacement and repair toners. This makes better use of economies of scale as you can buy bulk consumables at a discount. This also reduces the cost of storing unused stocks.


    Thorough pressure testing and evaluation can also identify ways to strengthen the hardware. If there are too many devices scattered around your company, maintenance and consumption of space and electricity will cost more. A printing expert can calculate the real cost of an ad-hoc approach and can identify ways to save.

    Guy Bickerstaffe, the national general manager of Euro Garages, discovered these cost-saving benefits as an MPS Brother customer. During a printing facility with over 100 locations, the network printing system consistently provided efficiency savings, including the ability to save space by sharing network printing capacity with the Subway and Starbucks franchises.

    "We have managed to streamline our old daily billing process, saving around £ 6-8 per shipment. This translates into a cost savings of £ 34,000 a year without taking into account significant time." Save benefits, he said.

    In general, it is clear that the cost savings associated with an MPS can be significant compared to installing and maintaining DIY printers.

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    3. Improve productivity in your company

    The printing requirements of different departments within an organization may vary. After an initial assessment of an organization's current and future needs, the MPS provider should be able to recommend a customized program for these departments. For example, this may include printing from mobile or off-site devices or printing special types of sizes and document sizes that you use on a regular basis.


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