Introduction To The Use Of Manual Seeder

  •   Manual Seeder rotary cup feeder, planter adopts rotary cup feeder. The feeder consists of several feeding cups whose diameter corresponds to the size of the seedling bowl. There is a valve under each feeding cup, and the opening and closing of the valve is controlled by a cam mechanism. When the feeding cup is turned to the upper part of the guide tube, the valve opens to let the seedlings fall and then closes. During the period when the feeding cup is closed, seedlings can be thrown to increase the artificial seedling throwing time and perform faster and continuous seedling throwing operations. Taking the four-line machine as an example, 19,000-20,000 seedlings can be planted per hour. The role of the seedling guide tube is to transport the seedlings to the bottom of the ditch. Since the seedling movement in the seedling guide tube is not mandatory, it is different from the forced seedling delivery method of the clamp type transplanter, and it is not easy to cause seedling damage.

      Manual Seeder net format nursery support device, after the seedlings fall from the seedling guide tube, they pass through the channel formed by the seedling support rod and fall into the seedling ditch opened by the trencher. With the support of the seedling support rods, the seedlings will not fall in other directions and are in an upright state. When the trencher moves forward, the roots of the seedlings will first be covered by the soil flowing back from the end of the trencher, forming a secondary cover. At this time, the seedling support rod is also buried in the soil. When the machine moves forward, the V-shaped pressing wheel pushes down the soil on the ditch wall to form a secondary overburden and compact it. At this time, the seedling struts move upward relative to the seedlings and continue to play the role of seedling support to prevent the seedlings from being crushed or buried by the soil during the compaction process. As the machine moves forward, the seedling grid gradually becomes The seedling separation completes the task of raising seedlings and ends the process of raising seedlings. The grid format seedling raising device greatly increases the verticality and transplanting quality of seedlings. With the increase in agricultural technology requirements, the user's capital expenditure has been reduced, labor and labor costs have been reduced, and the problem of low manual operation efficiency has been solved. Manual Seeder has introduced the functions of ridge cultivation + mulching film + watering + fertilization + drip irrigation, which is more complete The automation of Corn Thresher equipment is more user-friendly and meets the requirements of modern agronomy.