How to buy wooden folding trestle table

  • Wooden folding trestle table is used as children's furniture. Children's wooden folding trestle table needs to be paid special attention when choosing. Whether it is the material or surface coating of wooden folding trestle table, environmental protection and safety are required to ensure that it will not cause health hazards to children.

    The corners of the wooden folding trestle table must be arc-shaped, and the depth of the arc and the position of the two sides directly affect the comfort of children when they study. Students have a lot of books in the study room and need more places to put them. In order to avoid buying bookcases, it is recommended to choose a wooden folding trestle table with bookcases, so as not to have too many books and affect the learning space. The wooden folding trestle table is best to use solid wood material to ensure its gravity and avoid the danger of collapse due to insufficient gravity. When you choose, you can click on the wooden folding trestle table with your hands to hear the sound. If the sound is thick, it feels like a solid board. Shake the wooden folding trestle table by hand to see if the table vibrates or makes noise. Most children have the habit of doodling. This is the nature of children. When choosing a wooden folding trestle table, try to choose a table that is easy to wipe off.

    Now there are many multi-functional wooden folding trestle tables, such as foldable, inclined, horizontal, height-adjustable, extended desktop, etc. When purchasing these wooden folding trestle tables, don’t just look at the function and ignore the safety, such as Whether the foldable one will be caught in the hand, whether there will be safety hazards in the front and rear corners of the folding table, etc.

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