Keys for an Effective Rack and Stack Management

  • The physical placement of hardware inside a data centre is the “rack and stack” of the hardware into cabinets and racks. In order to make life easier for engineers, here are some useful plans to consider for efficient Rack and Stack Project Management.

    Know the brand of hardware and brand of rack earlier

     This will give you a feel for what changes are needed for the racks and hardware rails. If you know both the hardware and rack are made by the same manufacturer then your job will be cooler because the hardware is made to fit well into its accompanying rack. In other words, virtually no changes will be made to the rack.

    Understand all power necessities before receiving on-site

       A key factor that postponements many projects is power-related questions. In some cases, a client’s data centre is not prepared with the essential power for the given project. This can end up postponing a project by several days. However, with a little more training on the consulting side, this is a preventable concern.

    Communicate with the client a few days early to the on-site visit

      Make sure their amenities manager allocates the proper amount of power circuits if brand new racks are fitted. Know the client’s data centre layout and where the new hardware will be racked before receiving it on-site. If all hardware is placed into a client’s prevailing racks, it is significant to know exactly how much space they will be having and how much space the new hardware will devour. By revising the sales order, the consultant can usually compute the amount of rack space wanted for the new hardware. Once this is designed, this value should be verified with the client to safeguard proper space available. If brand new racks were well-ordered then space is usually not a problematic one, but it is always better to be safe.

    The best Rack and Stack Project Management process includes the following components:


    Start with a candid, comprehensive rack design with the best-structured cabling, as well as an equipment record.

    Plan & Prepare

    Plan and make sure your company has the good tools for a successful and efficient project.

    Power requirement

    Identify power requirements in advance and also validate you have allocated the right number of circuits, control the power distribution units, and that you are using the correct power cords.