Runescape and Old School Runescape are visiting Steam

  • Old School Runescape, as an MMORPG game that has been popular for 20 years, is about to usher in a new life. According to official sources, both Old School Runescape and Runescape will be launched on the Steam platform in 2021. This undoubtedly has injected new vitality into OSRS and RS.

    Jagex confirmed the impending Steam relief for both games today. Runescape, colloquially generally known as Runescape 3 as it's the most modernized version from the game, arrived on October 14. Old School Runescape, which uses the 2007 version with the game being a base, arrives on Steam sometime in 2021. At that time, OSRS and Cheap OSRS GP may once again become hot topics for some time.

    Runescape because so many people knew it turned out originally released in 2001 and played by way of a browser. Jagex later adopted dedicated clients (and Old School Runescape has several third-party clients), but neither version of Runescape has have you ever been on this type of mainstream storefront – at the least, but not on PC. Both games have been receiving mobile stores for a time now. It's no coincidence that Runescape is going to Steam mainly because it approaches its 20th anniversary, either.

    Runescape and Old School Runescape are generally technically free-to-play games. Most regular players enroll in membership programs that unlock much content. At the same time, there are many OSRS GP For Sale on the websites. Some players will spend money on buying OSRS Gold. As such, Jagex will give you "membership packages" through Steam. The Steam versions will likely support achievements, as well as their Steam community hubs will double like a new location for announcements and updates on the studio. You can view the freshly minted Steam page for Runescape here.

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