The Composition of the Electrosurgical Pencil

  • High-frequency electrosurgery is one of the electrosurgical equipments that replace mechanical scalpels for tissue cutting. It is widely used in surgical operations and is divided into monopolar electrosurgery and bipolar electrosurgery. Some newcomers do not know how to use Electrosurgical Pencil. Today, Ningbo Wuzhou Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. will give you a brief introduction.

    The composition of the electric knife

    The monopolar electrosurgical knife is generally composed of the host, Electrosurgical Pencil, foot control switch and negative plate;

    The bipolar electrosurgical unit is generally composed of a main unit, bipolar forceps and a foot switch, and does not require a negative plate.

    Some Electrosurgical Pencils have manual control switches. For example, the disposable monopolar surgical electrodes produced by Wuhan Myron Medical have manual control switches. Yellow represents cutting, and blue represents coagulation. Intraoperative control is more convenient and fast.

    The operation steps of the monopolar electrocautery:

    1. Connect the power cord and negative plate circuit;
    2. Turn on the power supply of the host, perform power-on self-test, and select the appropriate output power according to the host manual and the needs of the operation;
    3. The negative plate is pasted to a suitable part of the patient with abundant muscles and easy to observe;
    4. Connect the electric knife pen circuit and use the hand control or foot control switch;
    5. After use, turn off the power of the host first, and then pull out the power plug.

    Operation steps of bipolar electrocautery:

    1. Turn on the power supply, connect the foot pedal, and place it under the operator's feet to facilitate the foot control switch;
    2. The electrosurgical main unit is powered on and self-checked, and the output power is set according to the main unit's manual and surgical needs;
    3. Connect the plug of bipolar coagulation forceps;
    4. According to the needs during the operation, use bipolar electrocoagulation forceps to clamp the tissue or bleeding point, step on the foot to stop the bleeding, and then release the pedal;
    5. After use, turn off the main switch first, and then unplug the power plug.

    The above is how to use Electrosurgical Pencil.

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