Selection Of Pu Erh Tea For Sale


    Since China Chunmee Green Tea loose tea has not been reprocessed, it retains the original fragrance and sweetness and is convenient to use. From this perspective, loose tea is better. In fact, there is no essential difference between loose tea and cake tea, but Pu'er tea has a time concept, that is, the more aging the more fragrant, the better natural post-fermentation conditions after pressing the cake tea, which makes it have a better taste, which is conducive to collection. From this perspective Speaking, biscuits tea is better.


    Therefore, Pu Erh Tea for Sale believes that if you want to taste fresh, you should choose loose tea; if you want to store tea, tea cakes are recommended. The taste of tea cakes changes every year during the long-term storage process, and you can experience the tea aroma, taste and color of the soup. The difference.