Features Of China Chunmee Green Tea Products

  • When drinking China Chunmee Green Tea, it usually feels fresh and strong but not bitter, and the aftertaste is sweet and refreshing. With good quality Huangshan Maofeng, grab a handful of dried tea leaves close to the tip of the nose. It smells fresh and refreshing, or has a fragrance similar to orchids and chestnuts. Huangshan Maofeng dry tea leaves the bottom of the leaves after being brewed to the soup, which is tender, yellow and plump, thick and plump, evenly blossomed, and the whole body is bright and bright.


    Zhenan China Tea Suppliers introduces the characteristics of Huangshan Maofeng
    The super-grade Huangshan Maofeng has thin and flat strips, resembling a "chest tongue", with golden yellow fish leaves (commonly known as "tea shoots" or "gold flakes", which is different from one of the other Maofeng characteristics); buds are strong, uniform, How much; the aroma is fresh and high and long; the taste is fresh and thick, mellow, and the aftertaste is sweet; the soup is clear and bright; the bottom of the leaf is tender and yellow and plump, even bright and blooming. To describe the quality characteristics of Huangshan Maofeng, eight words can be used: high fragrance, mellow taste, clear soup, and smooth color.