The Preservation Of China Tea Suppliers Tea In Summer

  • China Chunmee Green Tea is a good drink to quench thirst in summer. The storage of tea in summer is more particular than in other seasons. Many people are willing to store tea in the refrigerator to keep the tea fresh for longer. In fact, due to its own climate characteristics in summer, the "five defenses" should be done when storing tea, and let's learn together what are the five defenses.


       As moisture-proof, China Tea Suppliers tea leaves easily absorb the moisture in the air and accelerate the deterioration. Second, prevent high temperature, high temperature will accelerate the degradation of chlorophyll in tea. Three prevention of peculiar smell, summer tea is more prone to deterioration due to absorption of peculiar smell. Four anti-glare light, the tea is prone to photochemical reaction when it is directly irradiated by strong light for a long time, making it deteriorate. Five anti-oxidation, high temperature in summer, tea is more likely to be oxidized than other seasons.