China Tea Suppliers' Introduction To Drinking Tea At Night

  •    People use boiling water to make tea when making tea. Have you ever heard of cold water for making tea? According to Zhenan China Tea Suppliers, brewing tea in cold water can treat insomnia. When hearing this sentence, some people were dubious. Can brewing tea in cold water really cure insomnia? Let's take a look together.


    Making tea in cold water is to use mineral water or cold boiled water to make tea directly. There is no need to boil, mineral water can be bought anywhere, and it is also very convenient. It is actually very good to make tea without boiling water. Enjoy it again, and it is good for the body, and it can also treat insomnia.


    Someone once did an experiment in which a bottle of mineral water was used to make China Chunmee Green Tea, and then a pot of boiled water was also used to make tea. After making it, the tea made in cold water was compared with the tea made in hot water. , It turns out that the tea brewed with hot water is fragrant, but there is a bitter and astringent taste