Can China Chunmee Green Tea Be Drunk On An Empty Stomach?

  • Black tea is made by fermentation and roasting. Black tea is named for its red tea infusion and leaf background after the dry tea is brewed. Today I’m here to introduce to you that it’s suitable to drink black tea in the morning. The main purpose of this topic is that now many friends are not clear enough about drinking black tea in the morning, although they all know Green tea, but I still don’t know exactly what is going on, so interested friends can check out the following introduction of Zhenan China Tea Suppliers, I believe it will help you.


    Black tea is made by fermentation and roasting. During fermentation, the tea leaves become red oxide under the action of oxidase to become black tea. Black tea has a mild taste and a mellow taste. In addition to containing a variety of water-soluble vitamins, it is also rich in trace element potassium. Potassium has the effect of enhancing heart blood circulation and reducing calcium consumption in the body. Because the manganese contained in black tea is one of the indispensable elements of bone structure, drinking black tea is also beneficial to bone health. It has been reported that regular black tea can also prevent and treat influenza, stroke and skin cancer. Would you drink black tea in the morning on an empty stomach?
    Drink black tea on an empty stomach

    It's good to drink black tea in the morning

    After a person sleeps for a night, the body is often in a relatively static state. Drinking black tea can promote blood circulation, and at the same time, it can remove the cold in the body and allow the brain to supply sufficient blood. Black tea is mild in nature. It can be brewed into a cup every morning after getting up, and it can be drunk after breakfast, or it can be drunk with an appropriate amount of milk. What needs to be reminded is that you should never drink tea on an empty stomach, because tea contains caffeine. Drinking it on an empty stomach can cause the intestines to absorb too much caffeine, causing undesirable reactions such as palpitation and frequent urination. Over time, it will also affect the body's absorption of vitamin B.
    Drink black tea on an empty stomach

    Is it feasible to drink tea on an empty stomach?

    Regarding whether the "extreme" approach of drinking tea on an empty stomach is feasible or not, we can uphold this principle-to judge based on your health and physical reaction.
    1. Used to
    If you have been accustomed to waking up early and drinking tea on an empty stomach and you feel good, you don't have to change your habit just because of someone else's saying "drinking tea on an empty stomach hurts your stomach".
    2. want to try
    If you have a strong gastrointestinal function and want to try to get up early to drink tea, then you might as well try it boldly and observe whether your body will have any adverse reactions before deciding whether to continue doing this.
    3. Weak spleen and stomach
    If you suffer from stomach problems or weak gastrointestinal function, you may feel uncomfortable after drinking tea, or if the doctor advises you to drink less tea, then you should obey the doctor’s advice, drink less tea, and do not drink tea on an empty stomach. Ignore their physical capacity.
    Drink black tea on an empty stomach
    Different people have different degrees of adaptation to drinking China Chunmee Green Tea. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to drink tea on an empty stomach. The best time to drink tea is half an hour after a meal. If you like to drink tea on an empty stomach, a cup of tea suggests that the tea should be lighter and warmer, and the amount should be moderate.