What Kind Of Knowledge Does China Chunmee Green Tea Have?

  • The trivial matter of drinking tea has now become one of the indispensable items in people's lives. As the saying goes: Chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea. From this sentence, we can realize the importance of tea in our lives. In fact, there are many ways to drink tea, from the cultivation of China Chunmee Green Tea to the picking, from buying and selling in the market to making a pot of good tea, etc. There are many ways in every link, so how can we Master these doorways, from the tea-drinking Xiaobai to the tea-drinking "teacher"? Today, the editor will teach you some practical and good skills, and teach us how to distinguish tea in the market, how to buy good and cheap tea, and make a pot of contented tea.

    First of all, the first point is how to distinguish between new tea and old tea

    Before distinguishing between new tea and old tea, that is, before we actually make tea, you need to ask yourself some questions, such as the most basic question: What type of tea do you like to drink? Everyone knows that there are many types of tea on the market, ranging from dozens to thousands. It is especially important to choose the tea you like. Secondly, the difference between new tea and old tea lies in the difference between personal hobbies, so the editor will now popularize some characteristics of the difference between new tea and old tea. The first point is about the packaging of tea in the tea market. If there is a packaging that is not in bulk, we can directly identify the age of the tea through the date on the packaging of the tea.

    Secondly, if it is in bulk, we need to distinguish the old and new tea leaves through some sense of sight, smell and touch. The shape of the new tea is relatively fresh, and the lines are uniform and loose. Old tea has a darker appearance, with messy and hard lines. Furthermore, it is to touch the new tea through the sense of touch to distinguish the old and new levels of the tea. The new tea will feel relatively dry, and the tea will turn into powder when you pinch it with your hands. The old tea feels soft, moist, and not easy to crush. Finally, how to distinguish between old and new tea during the brewing process? When brewing new tea, the smell of new tea is fragrant, while the smell of old tea will be a little unusual, not so fragrant, and the tea may be turbid.

    The second point: how to choose different teas

    The editor today uses green tea as an example to popularize how to buy tea. Compared with other products, the popularity of green tea in the market and the market share are relatively large, and green tea is a kind of tea that people prefer. So how to buy green tea? How can I buy good green tea at a reasonable price? The editor will give you a few suggestions next.

    First of all, when we go to buy green tea, we first smell it: smell the aroma of green tea, put the loose dry tea in our palm, and breathe on it, which can promote the green tea to emit the aroma. If the aroma is strong, the aroma Long-lasting, then this tea belongs to a better kind of green tea. Secondly, look at the color of green tea. If we go to buy tea in bulk, the boss will enthusiastically brew a cup of tea you want to buy, and let you taste the taste of tea. Even so, friends who don’t understand tea It may not be possible to distinguish the quality of the tea.

    So how do you tell the quality of green tea by making tea and seeing the color of the tea? The soup color of good green tea is bright green, with a little oiliness, and there is no turbidity. If the soup color is dim and muddy, these teas may be stale teas, that is, old teas. Furthermore, we can distinguish green tea. After observing the color of the soup, we taste the taste of the tea soup. Normally, if we drink green tea, there will be some bitter and sweet taste in the mouth. Such tea is good tea. Finally, after soaking and tasting, what needs to be observed is the remaining residue of the tea. See if there are some impurities, tea roots and other sundries. If there are, the tea that is put in the process of making and screening is not good tea. This kind of tea belongs to inferior tea. Otherwise, it is good tea.

    The third point: the efficacy of tea

    Everyone knows that, in addition to self-cultivation, the biggest thing about tea is the efficacy of tea. In general, the good things about tea are far greater than the bad things. Of course, the downside may be due to our personal health and drinking too much tea, as Confucius said: Too much is not enough. If a good thing is used too much and owned too much, it may eventually have a bad effect. Different teas have different effects. For us, different physiques are suitable for drinking different teas. Next, the editor will give you a general introduction about the effects of tea.

    black tea

    The main curative effects of black tea are as follows: First, it helps digestion in the gastrointestinal tract, promotes appetite, diuresis, and eliminates edema and edema. The second point is about the efficacy of preventing diseases, because black tea has a very strong antibacterial ability. If you rinse your mouth with black tea, you can prevent some diseases caused by oral viruses. The third point can reduce the incidence of some diseases related to our heart.

    Yellow tea

    Yellow tea is rich in some rich nutrients such as tea polyphenols and amino acids. It has a certain effect on the prevention of cancer, especially for esophageal cancer. Therefore, one of the main effects of yellow tea is about anti-cancer, Anti-cancer, sterilization and anti-inflammatory effects.

    green tea

    Green tea is the only tea that is not fermented, and it has a certain irritation to our stomach. It is also because green tea has not been fermented and retains some natural nutrients in the fresh leaves. These natural nutrients are helpful to our anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. Furthermore, green tea can also play a role in preventing and fighting cancer.

    White tea

    White tea has many effects. Everyone should know that if white tea is stored for a long time, its value will be higher. White tea's effects are mainly as follows. The first point is that it can resist radiation and oxidation. Anti-tumor, play the role of "three antibodies". The second is the "three lowering": lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, and lowering blood sugar.

    Green tea (oolong tea)

    Green tea, also known as Oolong tea. Dahongpao and Tieguanyin are more famous in green tea, so what are their curative effects? Its curative effect is mainly to enhance refreshing and relieve fatigue. Secondly, it can also have health effects such as hangover, detoxification, moisture prevention, weight loss, and bodybuilding.

    Black tea

    The more famous dark tea is Pu'er tea, which we often drink. Dark tea has some significant effects in lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, losing weight, and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

    There is no end to learning, whether it is in our studies or drinking tea. Tea culture can be said to be very extensive and very inclusive. How to taste a good pot of tea? It is not only the quality of tea and the choice of utensils, but also the understanding of tea culture. Due to the limited knowledge of the editor of Zhenan China Tea Suppliers, I will spread the knowledge about how to buy tea and the effects of different teas. If you have the same opinion, you can also leave a message to the editor.