Some Points Of Drinking China Chunmee Green Tea

  • Chinese people have always had a strong feeling for tea. Seven things that are indispensable in daily life, firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea, it can be seen that tea is a very important existence for people, and people like to make it in their leisure time. Drink a cup of tea, and I am also used to drinking a cup of tea before and after meals.


    ZHENAN China Tea Suppliers said that tea is a health product. Drinking tea is good for your health, but only if you drink it right can it be good for your health. Drinking tea incorrectly can be harmful to your health. For example, drinking tea before and after meals There is a certain degree of particularity.


       First of all, you should not drink a lot of tea one hour before meals, especially strong tea, because drinking too much tea before meals, drinking strong tea before meals will dilute the gastric juice, which affects the secretion of gastric juice and hinders the digestion and absorption of the body. If you really want to drink tea before a meal, please drink it one hour before the meal, and then drink light tea instead of too much, just drink a small cup or two to relieve your greed.


      Secondly, you can’t drink tea immediately after a meal. You can drink tea only one or two hours after a meal. If you drink tea immediately after a meal, it will affect the body's absorption of iron and protein in the food, because the tea polyphenols in tea will have a coagulation effect with the iron and protein in the food, so do not immediately after a meal Just drink tea. If you want to drink tea after a meal, please drink it after an hour or two.


    In addition, do not drink China Chunmee Green Tea that has been brewed for too long. If the brewed tea is left for too long, the tea polyphenols, aromatic substances, vitamins and other nutrients in the tea will be oxidized, which will deteriorate the quality of the tea soup. Discoloration and taste change, changed tea is harmful to human health, so do not drink it for too long brewing time.