How To Brew Chunmee Tea

  • Green tea is the most important tea in our country, and it is also the oldest tea. It is a non-fermented tea with a bright green color and a sweet and refreshing taste. Nowadays, the ancient green tea has become the new favorite of health care in people's daily life with its excellent anti-aging and anti-cancer effects.

    Green Tea Factory introduces that green tea is generally brewed with ceramic teapots, lid bowls, glass cups and other tea utensils. Therefore, the commonly used brewing methods are: teapot brewing method, lid bowl brewing method and glass brewing method.

    1. Teapot making method

    Clean tea set. Prepare teapots, teacups and other teaware, pour boiling water into the teapot, shake it a few times, pour the water into the teacup, rotate the water in the teacup into the waste water, clean the teaware and warm the teaware.

    Put the green tea into the teapot to be brewed. The amount of tea is determined by the size of the pot, usually 50 to 60 ml of water per gram of tea.

    Rotate the high-temperature boiling water into the pot in a counterclockwise direction. After the tea leaves are covered by the water, change to direct flushing. Finally, shake your wrist to make the pot rise and fall rhythmically to fill the pot and scrape it with the lid. Go to the froth on the water surface of the spout. The tea leaves are brewed in the pot for about 3 minutes. Pour the tea in the teapot into the cup, and the green tea is ready.

    2 cover bowl soaking method

    Prepare the tureen, the quantity depends on the specific situation, and then clean the tureen. Line up the tureen, lift the lid, and place it diagonally on the right side of the bowl holder. Pour boiling water into the bowl one by one. A small amount is enough. Use your right hand to tilt the bowl lid on the tureen and hold the bowl with both hands. Hold the lid button with both thumbs and gently rotate the lid bowl three times, pour the cup of water from the gap between the lid and the bowl body, put it back on the bowl holder, and lift the lid again with your right hand and place it on the right side of the bowl holder. On the other hand, the other bowls are used for sanitary ware in the same way, and the purpose of sanitary ware and warm tea set is also achieved.

    Put the dry tea into the tea bowl one by one to make it. Generally speaking, an ordinary tureen needs about 2 grams of dry tea.

    Flush boiling water into the bowl. The water column should not fall directly on the tea leaves. Rinse slowly on the inner wall of the bowl. The amount of flushing water should be 70 or 80 minutes full.

    After rinsing in the water, quickly tilt the cover bowl slightly and cover it with a certain gap between the cover edge and the bowl edge to avoid soaking the tea leaves in the bowl.

    3 glass soaking method

    Still prepare tea set and clean tea set. Generally choose a transparent glass without engraving, and prepare the glass according to the number of people drinking tea. Rinse the boiling water in sequence, starting from the left, hold the bottom of the cup with your left hand, pinch the cup with your right hand, rotate the cup gently, and pour the boiling water in the cup into the waste water bowl in turn. This will clean the glass and make the glass preheated. Heat to avoid bursting during the formal brewing.

    Cast tea. Because dry green tea is delicate and fragile, when taking tea from the tea caddy, you should gently turn the tea caddy and pour the tea into the cup for infusion. It is better to use tea if possible.

    The order of tea delivery is also exquisite. There are three methods, namely, the upper investment method, the central investment method and the lower investment method. Upper investment method: Pour enough hot water into the teacup at one time, and then put the tea leaves when the water temperature is moderate. This method is mostly suitable for green tea with excellent tenderness, such as super-fine roasted green tea and finely roasted green tea, such as super Longjing, Huangshan Maofeng and so on. This method must be very accurate to control the water temperature. The more tender the tea, the lower the water temperature requirement. Some teas wait until 70 degrees Celsius before putting them. CIC method: After putting the tea leaves, inject 1/3 of hot water first, wait until the tea has absorbed enough water and unfold, and then fill it with hot water. This method is suitable for green tea that is tender but very loose or very firm, such as green tea with bamboo leaves. Drop method: Put the tea leaves first, and then fill the tea cup with hot water at one time. This method is suitable for general green tea that is more tender than tea.

    After the water is boiled, it can be brewed when it reaches the right temperature. Shake your wrist while holding the water bottle to flush, so that the water bottle rises and falls three times. The high flushing water flushes the water into the cup. Generally, the water is flushed until 70% full, and the brewing time is controlled within 15 seconds. Also note that the boiling water should not be poured directly on the tea, but should be hit on the inner wall of the glass to avoid scalding the tea.

    Tender tea is brewed in a glass cup, and a teapot is brewed with medium and low-grade green tea. Because of the high transparency of the glass, you can clearly appreciate the changes of Jiaming throughout the brewing process, so it is suitable for brewing famous and high-quality Chunmee Tea. The shortcomings of cup brewing are obvious, so you generally choose to use porcelain pots or purple clay pots for brewing.