Gunpowder Tea Beauty And Beauty

  • People are prone to sleepiness in spring. If you brew a cup of China Green Tea with rich fragrance and refreshing fragrance, it can refresh your mind and eliminate sleepiness. It can also help people disperse the cold evil that accumulates in the body in winter. It also has a beneficial effect on human yang .

    "For women, jasmine tea should be the first choice for health in spring." State-level senior tea critic Shen Hong introduced that jasmine tea has the most mellow aroma among all kinds of herbal teas, and is the best tea in spring. Jasmine tea contains more than 20 kinds of compounds such as aromatic oil, geraniol, neroperol and syringyl ester. Therefore, drinking jasmine tea can clear heat and relieve heat, invigorate the spleen and calm the nerves, relieve gastrointestinal discomfort and menstrual pain, and it is also helpful for women's physiology and reproductive function. The most important thing is that jasmine is a master of nourishing beauty among flowers. Gunpowder Tea made from jasmine can nourish the skin and nourish the skin.