The Etiquette Of Gunpowder Tea Drinking

  •    No matter which country or city, as long as you talk about tea, you can think of China, because China is the hometown of tea, not only has a long history, but also has a deep tea culture. Our country has had tea-drinking etiquette since ancient times. I don’t know how much tea-drinking etiquette you know?


      Zhenan China Green Tea said that to drink tea, you must at least know the following basic etiquette for drinking tea:


       1. When you are a guest at home, you have to make tea to serve the guest. Before making tea, you must carefully clean the tea set, and then scald the tea set with boiling water.

      2. When making tea, use proper amount of tea leaves. If you put too much, the tea will taste too strong, and if you put too little, the tea will tasteless.


      3. When pouring tea, whether it is a large or a small cup, it should not be filled too much. If it is too full, it will easily overflow, causing the table and floor to get wet, and even burn yourself or guests.


      4. According to Chinese traditional customs, when serving tea to guests, you must hand the tea to the guests with both hands. If it is a teacup with cup ears, it is generally used to hold the cup ears with one hand and the other hand to support the bottom of the cup to serve the tea to the guests.


       5. When you see a guest's cup needs to be filled with tea, you must fill the guest with tea in time, so as to show respect for the guest.


    Zhenan Gunpowder Tea pointed out that the basic etiquette for entertaining guests with tea is something that every Chinese should know, and when drinking tea, whether you are a host or a guest, you must taste it slowly and don’t send it out. Voice, so as not to lose shape.