Introduction To The Brewing Of Green Tea 4011

  • New tea refers to the tea made from the first few batches of fresh leaves picked from the tea plant in the spring. For the freshness and tenderness, tea farmers of Chinese Green Tea  manufacturers began to pick tea before the Ching Ming Festival. This tea is called Mingqian tea; the tea picked before the Guyu solar term is called Yuqian tea. The characteristic of new tea is that its color, odor and taste are fresh and refreshing. The new tea has a low water content, and the tea is dry, hard and brittle. It can be powdered by fingers, and the tea stems are easy to break.

    The aged tea that has been stored for more than one year is yellowish in color, low in aroma, plain in taste, and has an unpleasant stale taste when drinking. The old tea is stored for a long time, has a high water content, the tea is soft, cannot be powdered by hand, and the tea stems are not easy to break.

    1. Color observation method: the new tea is fresh and green in color, while the old tea is dark and black in color, and the greenness is obviously worse than that of the new tea.
    2. Taste identification method: the new tea has a strong aroma, fresh and natural, while the old tea has a weak aroma and lacks umami. The old tea of ‚Äč‚Äčindividual merchants can be smoked with fragrance, but the fragrance of such tea is not correct enough, as long as you are careful, you can usually distinguish it.
    3. Dry-wet discrimination method: New tea has just been on the market and has just been fried. Unless the merchants fake it, it is generally dry. Old tea leaves for a long time, and the effect of re-moisture will make the tea feel a little heavier. If you rub it with your hands, there is no such light and crisp friction sound.
    4. Distinguishing the fineness method: Many green teas can form natural fine hairs after being fried and shaped. Such teas are generally bud-tips, which are more expensive and taste refreshing and sweet. They are famous products in tea. However, if it is placed for a long time, the fine hairs will condense into small clumps that are not easily noticeable. The color, fragrance, and flavor of such Green Tea 4011 are greatly discounted. The fine hairs of the new tea are naturally connected to the leaves and have not fallen off.