China Tea Suppliers Is The Best In Green Tea

  • There are three treasures in tea, China Tea Suppliers which cannot be replaced!
    Tea is undoubtedly the greatest beverage in the world. Today, 900 billion cups of tea, 600 billion cups of coffee, and 100 billion cups of cola are drunk in the world each year.

    Tea is the most consumed and popular beverage in the world except for water. This is why, because there are three treasures in tea, which are irreplaceable.


    Tea polyphenols: antistaling agent for human body

    The content of tea polyphenols in tea is as high as 18%-36%, which is the most important ingredient in tea. As we all know, the research on the antioxidant function of tea is all about tea polyphenols.

    In short, free radicals will attack and damage the tissues and cells of the human body, leading to various consequences, such as aging, organ disease, skin deterioration, cancer and so on.

    Tea polyphenols scavenge free radicals and can be said to be a preservative for the human body.

    There is a famous anti-oxidant comparison experiment: 2 cups of green tea = 4 apples = 5 onions = 7 cups of orange juice.


    Caffeine: refreshing and anti-fatigue

    As mentioned above, the content of caffeine in tea is higher than that in coffee, but since it was first found in coffee, it had to be named after it, which is really wrong tea.

    Caffeine has the functions of refreshing, strengthening the heart, diuresis, and eliminating fatigue. Drinking tea feels good, because caffeine works. In the past, people who drank tea paid much attention to the refreshing effect of tea.

    Especially some old farmers, even if it is thick tea, if there is no tea to drink, they will have no energy to work.


    Theanine: a natural tranquilizer

    There are 26 kinds of amino acids in tea, and theanine is the highest and most special amino acid among them, because theanine is hardly found in other plants and is unique to tea.

    If caffeine is refreshing, then theanine is soothing. The two complement each other, so that the tea has a refreshing effect, but not overly excited.

    Theanine is known as the "natural tranquilizer" and can help people concentrate.

    Professor Wang Yuefei of Zhejiang University mentioned that the effect of caffeine is produced in a short period of time, while the soothing and memory enhancement of theanine will only appear after long-term accumulation.

    Looking at these ingredients individually, each has its own advantages. They are all concentrated in a cup of tea and interact with each other to produce greater energy. From the perspective of international balanced nutrition, the composition of tea is the most reasonable. The coordination of nutrition and metabolism plays a good balance. It is precisely because of this that tea is so good, it is our treasure, and nothing else can replace it. 04 Five major benefits of drinking tea 1. Contribute to antioxidants Tea polyphenols have strong antioxidant and physiological activities, and are scavengers of free radicals in the human body. Experimental studies have shown that the effectiveness of tea polyphenols in scavenging excessive free radicals that are harmful to human body is far superoxide dismutase (SOD), much higher than other similar substances.
    2. It helps prevent and treat radiation damage. Tea polyphenols and their oxidation products have the ability to absorb radioactive substances. Clinical experiments have confirmed that the use of tea extract for treatment of mild radiation sickness caused by tumor patients during radiotherapy has a very good auxiliary effect; it also has a good effect on the treatment of leukopenia caused by radiation.
    3. Help refreshing and refreshing The caffeine in tea can stimulate the body's central nervous system, enhance the excitement process of the cerebral cortex, invigorate people, and enhance thinking and memory.
    4. Helps diuresis and relieves fatigue. The caffeine in tea can stimulate the kidneys, prompt urine to be excreted quickly, improve the filtration rate of the kidneys, and reduce the retention time of harmful substances in the kidneys. Caffeine can also eliminate excess lactic acid in the urine and help the body eliminate fatigue as soon as possible.
    5. Help reduce fat and help digestion The caffeine, vitamin B1 and vitamin C in tea can increase the secretion of gastric juice, can help digestion and enhance the ability to break down fat. The aromatic compounds contained in tea can also dissolve fat and prevent fat from accumulating in the body.