How To Refresh Green Tea 4011

  • Almost everyone knows that drinking Chinese Green Tea can refresh your mind. There are a lot of records in medical books of the past dynasties in our country, and the literati and eminent monks all wield the brilliant pens of blooming flowers and praised the tea for refreshing and thinking. Bai Juyi's poem "Thirteen of the East Neighbor Kings" said: "Hand in hand with the moon on the edge of the lake, open your arms and bamboo under the wind. Drive sorrows to know the power of wine, break sleep and see tea." The poem clearly mentions the power of tea refreshing sleep. Su Dongpo's poem said: "Thirty pieces of Jiancha, regardless of the taste, gift Baojushi, the monk's room fights the sandman." He said that Jiancha was given to Baojushi, so that he would drink it to avoid dozing off during Zen meditation. Drinking tea is good for thinking, so it is loved by people, especially by some writers, poets and other mental workers. For example, the great French writer Balzac, the Chinese American female writer Han Suyin, and the famous Chinese writer Yao Xueyin all love tea to help their writing. Tea has a refreshing effect, so what kind of tea has a good refreshing effect?


    green tea

    Green tea, also known as unfermented tea, has high nutritional content and has medicinal values ​​such as lowering blood lipids and preventing vascular sclerosis. In summer, the climate is hot, Jiamu is full of shade, and the heat is pressing, and the body fluid is consumed a lot. At this time, it is advisable to drink green tea with a bitter and cold nature. After the tea is brewed, the water is clear, the green leaves in the clear soup, the fragrance overflows, and it gives people a refreshing feeling. Drinking in summer has the effects of clearing away heat and relieving heat, detoxification and quenching thirst. , Used to cool off heat. Green tea contains more tea polyphenols, caffeine, amino acids, etc., which can stimulate the oral mucosa and promote the secretion of digestive glands. It is good for producing body fluid and is actually a good product for relieving heat and thirst in midsummer. The summer is hot, the sun is like fire, people are in it, sweating like rain, people's physical strength is exhausted, and the energy is low. At this time, it is better to taste green tea. Because green tea is an unfermented tea, it is cold in nature, "cold can clear away heat", it can best remove fire, promote body fluid and quench thirst, eliminate food and resolve phlegm, and accelerate the healing of oral cavity and mild gastric ulcers.

    Tie Guanyin tea

    The effect of Tieguanyin and its refreshing effect are very good, mainly because the caffeine in the tea has a refreshing effect. Caffeine has the functions of exciting the central nervous system, enhancing thinking and improving efficiency. Therefore, after drinking tea, it can break sleep, refresh, relieve annoyance, eliminate fatigue, and clear the mind.

    Chrysanthemum tea

    It has the effects of nourishing the liver, calming the liver, clearing the liver and improving eyesight, especially suitable for drinking in spring. At the same time, it can detoxify and exercise, drive away evil spirits and reduce fire, clear wind and clear heat, and relieve swelling. It has the effect of resisting and eliminating harmful chemical substances or radioactive substances accumulated in the body. It can also inhibit the reproduction of various bacteria, enhance microvascular elasticity, and reduce Slow heart rate, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and benefit blood, moisturize the skin, and nourish hair.


    Pu'er tea

    The most refreshing tea leaves for about 3 minutes: the caffeine and tea polyphenols contained in the tea have a great influence on the brain nerves. When the tea leaves are brewed for about 3 minutes, 70% to 80% of the caffeine is dissolved in the water. At this time, the tea has obvious refreshing effect and makes people excited.

    Speaking of the "refreshing" effect of Green Tea 4011. We can take advantage of the refreshing properties of tea, drink tea appropriately, sober the mind and drive away sleepiness. Therefore, many cities and villages in our country have the habit of drinking morning tea. Many materials in ancient and modern China and abroad have affirmed the refreshing and exciting effect of tea. Drinking a cup of tea when people feel tired can stimulate the central nervous system of the brain, turning it from slow to excitement, improving thinking ability, and improving work efficiency.