The Amazing Benefits Of Green Tea 4011

  • So why is Chinese Green Tea so popular? It all boils down to the health benefits of Chinese Green Tea. Whether you drink Chinese Green Tea regularly or have never tried to drink Chinese Green Tea, drinking one or two cups a day may benefit. According to scientific knowledge, we will find that the efficacy of Chinese Green Tea has surprising benefits to our body. Let us be healthier and happier.

    Amazing benefits of Chinese Green Tea!

    7 surprises that Chinese Green Tea brings to your brain and body

    1. Promote metabolism

    If you want to exercise, combining Chinese Green Tea with exercise may help. how about it? In a word-antioxidants. Studies have shown that foods and supplements rich in antioxidants can help reduce weight and promote metabolism.

    For example, in one study, researchers manipulated the diets of two groups of obese people-one group regularly drank Chinese Green Tea while the other group did not. All other aspects of their diet are the same. result? People who drink Chinese Green Tea lose weight than those who do not drink Chinese Green Tea.

    Researchers pointed out that Chinese Green Tea's ability to increase participants' energy expenditure (ie, how many calories they burned) was one of the reasons for weight loss.

    However, because Chinese Green Tea is related to Chinese Green Tea, there are not many studies on long-term weight loss. In other words, stay active and maintain a healthy diet, and consider adding one or two cups a day to improve results.

    Promote metabolism

    1. Can reduce the risk of cancer

    One of the most touted benefits of Chinese Green Tea is its link to cancer. Some studies have found that drinking Chinese Green Tea can help treat a variety of cancers, including breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer and esophageal cancer.

    Many researchers believe that polyphenols are high-content micronutrients in Chinese Green Tea, which can attack or even kill cancer cells.

    The National Institutes of Health said that although Chinese Green Tea definitely contains polyphenols and health benefits, we still need to conduct more rigorous research to determine whether and how Chinese Green Tea can help prevent cancer.

    At the same time, it is worth noting that countries with high consumption of Chinese Green Tea tend to have lower cancer incidence. Although there may be many reasons, for us, adding Green Tea 4011 to our daily work is enough.