An Introduction To The Characteristics Of Tea 4011


    What are the main characteristics of green tea

    The main features of tea 4011 are green in appearance, green in soup, and green at the bottom of the leaves, that is, the three green characteristics. Green tea is one of the six major types of tea. It has not been fermented, and the tea is cold in nature. It is made by drying and has the characteristics of fresh, tender and refreshing. Its taste is fresh, mellow and soft, the soup color is green, sweet and refreshing, but the green tea has a low foam resistance and is not suitable for long-term storage.

    Green tea, also known as non-fermented tea, is one of the six major types of tea, and it is also a type with a large proportion of the population.

    Green tea is cold in nature and has obvious three-green characteristics.

    Green tea is a kind of tea made from typical processes such as fixing, rolling and drying, which are suitable for the new shoots of tea trees. Its dry tea color, brewed tea soup and leaf bottom are mainly green.

    Because green tea 41022 is unfermented tea, it retains the natural substances of fresh leaves, and drinking is mostly refreshing, fresh and mellow.