Selection Of Green Tea 9374 France Gaiwan


    Learning to brew green tea 9373 france, gaiwan is the first choice.


    However, in the process of using the tea lovers, the evaluation of the gaiwan is divided into two camps.


    Some people say that the gaiwan is an "artifact for lazy people", because the bowl has a large mouth, and it takes no effort at all to make soup, and it is very clean if you shake it.


    Also, because of the characteristics of no fragrance and no taste, there is no need to "dedicate one bowl", and it takes great pains to classify and indicate the purpose of each gaiwan, which adds to the trouble.


    It can be said that a small cover bowl can be used for many purposes, and it is worthy of being the favorite "merged" function tea set for lazy people.


    But there are still a small group of people who keep a distance from gaiwan. Even if they know that gaiwan is good, they would rather use other tea sets.


    A while ago, a green tea 9374 france tea friend who just bought a gaiwan said that he was very depressed while using the gaiwan.


    Obviously I have watched several tutorial videos, but every time I practice it myself, the hand holding the gaiwan can't stop shaking.


    "I didn't want to use Gaiwan anymore, but I didn't give up and wanted to 'save' it again. What's the problem?"


    There must be a reason for the shaking of hands when holding the bowl, and I think it is nothing more than these 4 points.