Green Tea 3505 Wholesale Summer Drinking

  • Precautions for drinking green tea in summer

       The summer is hot, the sun is like fire, people are in it, sweating like rain, people's physical strength is a lot, and the energy is low. At this time, it is better to taste green tea. Because Chun Mee Tea Wholesale's green tea is unfermented tea, it is cold in nature and "cold can clear away heat". It is best for removing fire, promoting body fluids and quenching thirst, eliminating food and resolving phlegm, etc. However, tea is also particular about drinking.

       1. Drink plenty of hot tea. Studies have shown that warm tea can reduce the body surface temperature by 1 to 2°C by relaxing the sweat glands, and the effect of relieving heat is much better than that of cold tea. Hey, is it very subversive? In addition, the frozen food itself will cause a certain irritation to the human stomach, so it is not advisable to drink too much at any time. You know.
       2. Drinking green tea should not be overdone. It is easy to be thirsty in summer, and it is easy to drink more tea when you are thirsty. But we still have to adhere to the principle of drinking tea in an appropriate amount in summer, and it is best to drink tea (dry tea) between 5 and 15 grams a day. Although green tea is good, don't be greedy!
    Precautions for drinking green tea in summer
       3. Pay attention to the preservation of green tea. If you love her, you must protect her, especially in summer. Green tea is very difficult to preserve in summer. The high temperature and light grabbing in summer will accelerate the degradation of chlorophyll in green tea, and the chlorophyll will be continuously transformed into pheophytin, and the bright green will turn into dark brown. In summer, the air humidity increases. If you open the package of green tea often, it is easy to get damp.
       Therefore, in the summer, it is best to put Green Tea 3505 Wholesale green tea in an airtight container and store it at a low temperature in the refrigerator. Be sure to keep it tightly closed and isolate foods such as pork (green tea has a strong ability to absorb the taste). After taking the tea, put it back into the storage space as soon as possible, and do not expose it to the air for a long time. If you have a new purchase of green tea, you should buy tea according to your own tea-drinking speed. Don't be greedy for everything! It is best to buy a small amount of green tea or store it in small packages to reduce the frequency of opening the package and prevent repeated exposure to air.