Guarantee Of The Quality Of Pvc Inflatable Boat Fabric


    The performance index of the PVC three-proof tarpaulin of Wholesale PVC Cover Fabric: 1. Tensile strength index: warp strength ≥ 1700N/5CM weft strength ≥ 1400N/5CM

    2. No water leakage, water pressure resistance value ≥ 1700MM water column

    3. Can withstand low temperature, cold resistance temperature is -18 ℃ 4. Can prevent mildew, mildew resistance test is level 2

    Features of PVC three-proof tarpaulin: 1. PVC three-proof tarpaulin has the functions of waterproof, mildewproof, sunscreen, mildewproof, tensile strength, folding and weathering, and has the functions of light material, high tensile strength, acid and alkali resistance, and high temperature resistance. , Easy to wash and fold.

    2. This product should avoid collision with sharp metal quick mouth during use.

    3. If the product is damaged during use, it can be repaired with glue.

    4. It is best to use a covering net to fix

    5. PVC Inflatable Boat Fabric product quality assurance, and can do after-sales service for users.