What are the advantages of USB TYPE-C connectors used in smartp

  • USB Type-C is a universal 24-pin connector used in many smartphone charging applications.


    This article will detail the advantages of the USB TYPE-C connector when applied to smartphones. Let's learn more about it below!





    The most apparent advantage of the USB TYPE-C connector is its design aspect. USB TYPE-C always hits the jack exactly in the shortest possible time because this port is entirely symmetrical.


    Therefore, no matter how you turn it upside down, you can install the data cable in any position.




    The goal of the USB TYPE-C connector is to replace all current connectors, and that goal is not an exaggeration. The USB TYPE-C connector makes it easy to turn some smartphones into actual desktops.


    Desktop computer.


    USB Type-C allows you to connect to a particular docking station and transfer data to an external display. All in all, USB-C allows you to connect up to six peripheral devices, including DisplayPort monitors, audio devices, and a variety of keyboards and mice.


    High Data Rates


    USB Type-C 3.1 offers data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps. At the same time, it allows smartphones to stream 4K video to external monitors and transfers large numbers of files quickly over the network. However, However, not all USB-C is suitable for the 3.1-speed standard.


    Fast charging


    The faster your smartphone charges, the better. Type-C standard 3.1 allows you to transfer charge at 100 W (5 A) - the technology is called USB Power Delivery. Type-C standard 3.1 is already Type-C standard 3.1 is already in use in laptops.


    In addition, many manufacturers are developing their own Type-C compatible fast charging capabilities.


    USB TYPE-C connectors offer many advantages, such as ultra-fast charging and high data transfer speeds.


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