How Much Do You Know About Lotion Pump

  •     The lotion bottle packaging is a very important classification in cosmetic packaging. An excellent lotion bottle packaging should do at least these three things:

        One is to facilitate extrusion and pouring. Since the emulsion is more viscous than pure liquid, it is not easy to pour out; Lotion bottle packaging needs a beautiful texture, which is the overall trend of the entire cosmetic packaging; Third, the packaging design of the lotion bottle is also critical.

        Having a good lotion pump is especially important here for an easy-to-use lotion bottle. Lotion pumps are 0.15cc, 0.2cc, 1.0cc, 2.0cc, 5.0cc, 10cc, etc. according to their pumping volume; they can be divided into 18mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 33mm, etc. according to their diameters; according to screw specifications, they can be divided into 400, 405, 410, 415, 425, most of which are 410, which correctly indicate the diameter plus screw specifications, such as 28/410.

        Second, there are times when the lotion pump fails to pump the liquid. The specific reason is that if the length of the pipe section is too long or the depth of the bottle body is too shallow, the inlet of the pipe section will be blocked, resulting in too high air pressure of the emulsion pump, and the liquid will be blocked.

        Finally, the lotion pump has a variety of surface decoration treatments, such as electroplating, hot stamping, hot silver, printing, etc.

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