How to Get MUT Coins Fast & Easy in Madden 21

  • Madden 21 has a variety of game currencies such as training, points, trophies and coins. Among them, coins are usually the easiest to store in the game and can be used to improve the MUT team. They can be used to buy gift bags or individual player items in stores, both of which can help you add rosters. In this guide, we will show you how to get Madden 21 Coins in the Madden 21 ultimate team.

    Do Easy Stuff & Build a Bank Roll

    Without question, MUT coins are still the lifeblood of any Madden 21 Ultimate Team that has aspirations of competing against the toughest competition. Your overall is going to get nowhere if you don’t have coins to get better players.

    You start with basically nothing though and to get anywhere you’re going to need to get a respectable bank roll going to start wheeling and dealing on the auction house.

    The first thing then is to just start rolling through as much of the basic CPU-challenges as possible. Do as much as you can handle.

    Not only are most of them quite short and easy – at least the ones early on – they often reward a nice chunk of coins that will quickly start to add up. You can also choose a higher difficulty to get MUT coins even faster.

    That said, if something is too hard, don’t be ashamed to turn down the difficulty either. You’re not exactly getting Madden 21 MUT coins fast if you’re banging your head against a wall trying to beat a challenge for hours.

    Run through all the challenges you can until you at least have somewhere in the vicinity of 20-40K coins.

    Take Advantage of Lazy PeopleOK so this next step might sound a bit mean but it’s a stone-cold truth in the world of getting MUT coins. You’re going to need to work the auction house and take advantage of suckers that either don’t know what they are doing because they aren’t reading this guide, or are just rich and lazy and don’t care about their coins that much.

    We do care about MUT coins, though, so we’re going to be lazy. In fact, we’re going to pay attention to the auction house like it’s the stock market. Let’s go put those Covid-19 shutdown Robinhood skills to the test.

    Pay attention to who normally is overpriced and underpriced and what they normally sell for. Bid for cards when they are undervalued, refuse to pay full price. Keep the cards you actually want to use, otherwise flip them and don’t settle for anything less than a profit.

    Never get into crazy bidding wars and nor should you ever give cards away for cheap because you’re too lazy to wait for a proper return and just want MUT coins back fast.

    Bonus tip: Keep an eye on popular players that have good name recognition among casual fans. These cards are usually overvalued because people want to play with their favorite NFL players that they know.

    All of this is key if you want a steady income of MUT coins in Madden 21 and will likely be the backbone of your bank roll.

    Using Packs

    Consider spending training money on gift packages on Madden 21. You can then auction any players obtained from these coin packs. However, training is also valuable for upgrading teams, so you may need to stick to it.

    We mentioned the quick sell on the card. You may also consider buying fast sale packaging from the store. However, these will cost a “trophy” that you can earn in the personal combat area of ​​the Madden Ultimate Team to list a certain level on the leaderboard. You can obtain these every week and use them in the store.

    In the Madden 21 store, you will see a top menu option for competing currencies. Once discussed, you will have different options to spend money on a cup, including several packages that can be sold through a quick sale with mut coins, or even a “coin wheel” that is sold randomly. Now, it costs 10 trophies and may eventually receive 1K to 50K coins!

    After you start adding gold coins to the Madden 21 Ultimate Team, You will begin to see your total growth. As you enjoy more games, your Madden bank account will envy your friends unless you use them all to purchase elite superstar cards to use as a mut roster! Spend money wisely, but be happy!

    Play Games, but Be Smart About ItAt some point, you’re going to want to just have fun playing the game and actually use your team in quick matches and tournaments.

    That’s awesome but be smart about it. If you’re crushing an opponent don’t run up the score unless you have a good reason to.

    Run the clock out, get your easy W, and move onto the next game. No matter what there are only 24 hours in the day so if you’re playing to grind more coins, don’t waste your precious time.

    That does it for how to get MUT coins fast and easy in Madden 21 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and eventually PS5 and Xbox Series X as well. If you really don't want to take the time to grind yourself out MUT coins, you can buy MUT coins at , our legit Madden NFL 21 coins, and professional service enables you to immediately get any player that intrigues you in the game.