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  • Whether it's a high school graduation, wedding, fundraiser or gala formal dresses , deciphering what "formal" means can confuse even the most stylish woman. Finding formal wear in Australia can be more complicated than men's shopping, where all you need to do is find a black tuxedo or suit. For women, the process of shopping for elegant formalwear involves choosing a new gown that will flatter your figure and be appropriate for the occasion for each formal event or wedding you are invited to.

    In advance, we've simplified the formal dress process for you. Read on for your full style guide to shop your formal attire in Australian Breeze:
    Elegant formalwear for special occasions
    What is a Formal Dress?

    Formal gowns are what you wear to the lavish, elegant events on your calendar. While every event is unique in what defines a formal gown, we love the idea of sticking to floor-length pieces and solid-colored pieces, and adding details like sequins, appliqués, ruffles, lace, and more to amp up your look style character. Necklines for formal wear are often flexible, and halter necks, high necks, asymmetrical and classic V-necks are all popular options for not showing skin.
    What should you wear to your high school graduation?

    When choosing a dress for your high school gown, you want to choose a dress that makes you look and feel good. Your choice will be based on what is unique about you - including your body shape, skin tone, hair color and more. Your high school gown is the time to shine, and you can wear an elegant dress with gorgeous hair and makeup.
    Sleeveless spaghetti straps, a thigh-length slit and sleek sequins create a stunning mermaid silhouette. The result is a sexy formal look that doesn't require a ton of accessories to make a gorgeous statement. The gown is available in six stunning colours: navy, emerald green, white, champagne, burgundy and black.
    This burgundy formal suit is very chic and the effect is stunning. An off-the-shoulder neckline and thigh-length slit create high school formal appeal.
    Also known as a black tie attire on wedding invitations, you should plan on wearing a slightly more conservative formal gown in pastel or solid colors. If you're having trouble choosing a formal attire in Australia, one of our best pieces of advice is to research wedding venues and browse images online to better understand the mood and inspire your style choices. Show off your curves in a fitted silhouette and pair with simple trim for a sophisticated formal look.

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