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  • Designers, however, are desperate for more reasons to bring formalwear to the table formal dresses in 2021. Showy, flowy, feel-good dresses are going to be a hit this year. Whether you're able to attend a formal event, gala or dance in person this year, or have the opportunity to celebrate virtually (or attend a socially distanced private party), there should always be a reason to dress up and stand out.

    This year we're all talking about confidence-boosting formalwear. Here are some of our favorite dress trends for 2021 that you might want to check out for your next gown.

    cheerful colors

    One of the biggest trends of 2021 will be bold, bright and cheerful colours. Trends are turning towards colors that show positivity and bring all the good vibes. Some of the particularly popular colors for women's dresses in 2021 include:

    Sunshine Yellow: The sunshine after the storm, Bright Yellow is one of Pantone's dual colors of choice this year. Oddly enough, Pantone has chosen a color of safety (gray) and bright optimism (yellow) to represent 2021. Yellow is a very popular color in the spring and summer 2021 runway looks.
    Hot Pink: From soft and subtle tropical sunrises to hot Barbie pink, the cheerful palette of colors is a big hit in 2021. These colors range from warm and bold to soft and nostalgic. Pink is very trendy, with some flowy and puffy design elements that are also hot this season.
    Fiery Red: The color of love, passion, romance - red can be bold, powerful, fiery or sexy. We've seen all kinds of stunning red gowns in 2021 and love this style! From little red dresses to fiery red gowns for the red carpet, red is all the rage this year!
    Puff elements are indeed generally popular, but the return trend of puff sleeves has been returning for several years. Puff sleeves aren't for everyone, but they can add a special touch to the right dress. They are ideal for contemporary formal dresses where the goal is to be feminine, dramatic or elegant.
    When you need a formal outfit that makes the perfect statement, sometimes choosing the right neckline can make all the difference. One of the biggest questions we hear at Reglamed is about necklines. Choosing the right neckline can make or break the dress for you. It's based on what you find most attractive in terms of comfort, body type and style of dress. Let's take a look at how choosing the right neckline can elevate your look, as well as some formal wear options to try.

    Bust-enhancing styles
    If you're not afraid to show off some gorgeous cleavage, then you want to accentuate your bust with the right neckline. Some of these include sweetheart, scoop neck, off shoulder or V neck. All of these styles tend to slope down on the bust area to reveal just the right amount of cleavage. This is a very elegant, glamorous and sexy look.

    A romantic look that suits many different people, the sweetheart neckline is especially beautiful because it looks like the top half of a heart. It also elongates the neck as it draws the eye past the collarbone and into the shoulder area. Whoa whoa whoa!

    Find your ideal sweetheart neckline in our gorgeous ball gown category.

    more modest formal attire
    If you don't want to accentuate your cleavage, or you feel more comfortable in a plain dress, then you'll want a high neckline, sometimes called a "turtle," an asymmetrical style (one shoulder), a halter or Square collar. These styles look stunning on a variety of different body types.

    The camisole is especially good for athletes with toned shoulders and toned arms. Think Michelle Obama and the many dress styles she wears to accentuate those fabulous biceps.

    Discover the playful halter neckline in our treasured A-line formal suits.

    bold and unique neckline

    If you want your dress to make a statement, you might want to pair a dress with a strapless look or an illusion neckline. Strapless is always very eye-catching because it will show the most bare skin on your chest, neck and arms. Finding the right underwear is very important when wearing a strapless dress.

    The illusion neckline is fun to wear. It comes in sheer or invisible fabric and stretches from the bust to the neck. This look has a more nude feel that is more provocative, but still gives you the security of more fabric, even if it looks sheer and strapless.
    Get the allure you want with a strapless neckline in our mermaid dress category.
    Once you find the right fit for your comfort, it can be a game changer. You'll know what works best with your body, so you'll likely go back to the same neckline again and again in a formal suit at any festive event.

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