4 Way Stretch Denim Fabric Manufacturer How To Iron


    air layer fabric is comfortable to use, pure cotton feels good, easy to dye, has a wide variety of patterns, soft and warm, strong hygroscopicity, and no static electricity. It is a widely used material for children's clothing, underwear, T-shirts, and bedding; but pure cotton dyed fabrics Easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink, poor elasticity, acid and alkali resistance, not suitable for long-term processing at high temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius, so cotton products are best sprayed when ironing, easy to iron.

    For knitted fabrics, we first thought of pure cotton fabrics. Pure cotton fabrics are the main choice for many consumers when purchasing. In recent years, in addition to pure cotton fabrics, cotton blended fabrics have also appeared in front of us. Common ones such as tencel cotton, modal cotton, bamboo fiber cotton, etc. are used as new blended fabrics. Compared with pure cotton fabrics, 4 way stretch denim fabric manufacturer has a softer hand, a drapey style, and a better texture. Choice of many casual brands and women's clothing brands.