Lost Ark emerges as a surprise favorite for 2022

  • Lost Ark broke records when it launched in North America and several other territories in February, becoming the most concurrent game ever on the PC game store/platform Steam after PUBG. Some of the game's servers are still often busy and difficult to join. Lost Ark is attracting some gamers who already enjoy games like MapleStory, Black Desert Online, and League of Legends. In 2019, Lost Ark won the Game of the Year award in Korea, the Korea Game Awards, and peaked at 260,000 concurrent players in the country alone.

    Lost Ark has some silly quests that add to the frivolity. Like many multiplayer games, it has a quest that introduces players to pets. The game is fun and requires you to manually pick up loot (grain and rice) until you get a pet that can pick up Lost Ark Gold for you. Another quest requires getting carrots and herbs to lure a bad cook. After you try her cooking, you have to decide to lie to her or tell her the truth. (My friends and I have always raved about her rather than confessed.) Running around town to accomplish some of these missions takes time away from the main storyline, but these side-by-side exploits are usually the most compelling.

    Lost Ark also has good quality of life features. It's a free game, but it has many benefits. For starters, you can ride through town on horseback, and there's automatic movement so you don't need to keep moving your cursor to get to places. (It's worth noting that the New World doesn't have any mounts, though for a legendary reason, it's more of an inconvenience than a fun fact.)

    Fast travel starts as soon as you arrive at a new location, so you can go back to visit old NPCs or help lower-level friends. Travel usually costs Lost Ark Gold, but players who purchase any tier of the Founders Pack (ranging from $14.99 to $99.99) get free travel. You can also talk to a wide range of people without paying real money to access world chat like some other games. The minimap also borrows design from mobile games, with quest objectives marked with plenty of icons so you won't get lost no matter how bad your sense of direction is. Of course the most important thing is that players need to collect Lost Ark Gold as soon as possible, IGGM is a good place to buy Lost Ark Gold.