Become More Attractive Through Self-Love

  • Why is self-love sexy to both men and women? Good question. Self-love represents an attractive personality along with sense of power and discipline that both men and women find appealing in the opposite sex. When we get around someone who loves themselves fully, we tend to feel that love as well.

    Falling in love with yourself may seem like a vague idea, but it isn’t. In fact, there is one sure way to increase the amount of love and appreciation you feel for yourself, and therefore for others, and that is through practicing self-control and self-discipline.

    Self-Love Through Self-Control

    Self-control in women usually manifests itself through a woman’s grace and beauty. This is seen in how she cares for herself and her well-being, and in what she does (and doesn’t do) in the company of others.

    This is the kind of woman that stands out from her peers, simply because she radiates feminine grace and beauty by the way she carries herself.

    In men, self-control shows itself in a man’s chivalry and discipline. His attractive power stems from his ability to direct his emotions effectively and to act with gentleness or with toughness when the situation calls for it.

    In essence, the self-controlled man can be both a romantic gentleman and a disciplined warrior for those around him.

    Both examples illustrate the idea that when we act with more nobility in our daily affairs, we actually make ourselves much more attractive to the opposite sex.

    Self-Love & Romance

    The truth about romance is that although it involves fun and adventure it also involves work. And that’s the beauty of it, and why true romance is so rare. Sending romantic good morning images is one of them.

    When we take the time necessary to work on ourselves we develop self-discipline in the various areas of our life and we learn to love ourselves even more in the process.

    Becoming a romantic person does require some bit of work, but it always pays off in the long run. Learning to meet the needs and desires of your loved one requires effort, and making a habit out of meeting those needs and keeping things interesting is essential to any healthy romantic relationship.

    This sort of self-development can have an amazing result on your romance life. As you become more self-disciplined, you become more self-confident in yourself and your self-esteem begins to increase as you overcome bad habits and attitudes.

    Your character and personality begin to reflect the more attractive qualities about yourself that may have been hidden under years of self-loathing. Believe it or not, by disciplining yourself you also will begin to love yourself a whole lot more.

    And nothing is sexier than someone who truly and completely loves themselves.