Old School RuneScape Nightmare of Ashihama


    Nightmare of Ashihama has received more and more praise from players after several updates. Since the creature's combat level is 814, players should have rich combat experience before trying it out. After completing the task, you will get 10,000 OSRS GP, which is equivalent to completing the Priest in Peril task.

    Getting to Nightmare at Ashham is as simple as entering Moritania's vampire haven and taking a boat to Slepe outside the Port of Pasmatis. Once there, head southeast to the Temple of the Sisters and go inside. From there you just join whatever instance you like and get to work.

    Unfortunately, partying in Old School RuneScape can be difficult. Since no specific PvM world exists in RS3, you'll have to turn to clans, Reddit, and forums to find parties. Alternatively, Ashhama's Nightmare can be viewed as a separate boss for very skilled high-level players.

    Unique Drops

    Ashi's Nightmare's unique drops all have a very rare drop chance. To get the new Inquisitor's armor and weapon set you need to kill the Nightmare, this new Mace is a smashing version of the Ghrazi Rapier and the best all-around weapon in Old School RuneScape. Given its similarities, the Inquisitor Mace could end up being just as competitive.

    In addition to this, the Ashihama Nightmare Drop also includes a level 65 Nightmare Staff and one of three different orbs that you can combine to create a level 75 magic weapon.

    Ashiba's Nightmare does not have a unique drop that is accurately valued. As with all new bosses, it will take a while for the drops to settle in the Great Exchange. So most players want to wait before buying anything. Instead of waiting, buy OSRS Items from rpgstash.com, you can also Buy OSRS GP for very little real money, safe and convenient, fast delivery and trustworthy.