Steps to get callback from Southwest

  • You can get a call back from Southwest if you are applying the methods mentioned below that can help you raise your query-related problem and resolve it with an effective solution. Southwest airlines provide a customer service executive who will guide you to the best possible answer to your question. But  How do I get Southwest to call me back? You can follow this article to go through the airline contact details and get your things done. You can apply online and offline modes to help you connect with Southwest airlines.


    Via query box

    The query box will help you discuss your query and provide it to the airline authority. The airline will respond to your registered contact details. The query box is available 24 hours and seven days. You can get an appropriate answer


    • You can visit the official page of Southwest.
    • Then take your pointer at the contact us section.
    • Under the section, you need to choose the query box option.
    • A form will open; enter your contact details and query. Submit it to the airline authority.


    Via phone call 

    Answer to your question: How do I request a call back from Southwest? The phone call option provides you with a toll-free number with the help of an airline customer service executive. The executive will deliver an answer promptly while talking to you. The calling option will provide a secure channel to share your issues, as all the calls get recorded for verification and inspection purposes only.


    • You are required to open the Southwest portal.
    • Then scroll to the end of the contact us tab.
    • Tab will show you the toll-free number 1 (800) 435-9792; dial it.

    After dialing, the number will connect with the IVR, and follow the instruction below.

    • Press 1 for flight status
    • Press 2 to manage my booking 
    • Press 3 to connect with the airline customer service executive.
    • Press # to disconnect the call