Diablo's attacks are simple to stay clear of and even an afford

  • River of Flame has clustered monsters and lava that only a Barbarian equipped with Leap or a Sorceress with Teleport are able to use the advantage of D2R ladder items. In addition Hephasto, the Armor will always be looking to take down the players. Should they overcome these challenges, they'll be rewarded handsomely.

    Chaos Sanctuary a.k.a. Diablo Run (Act 4)In the case that they do not find anything substantial or desirable at the River of Flame, players are able to move on to the next huge area, which happens to be Diablo's home, Chaos Sanctuary. Also, it has several of the most powerful and generous enemies in the game.

    If the monsters aren't dropping any impressive items, Diablo himself most likely will. It's good to know that Diablo isn't too difficult to defeat. Diablo's attacks can be easily avoid and even an affordable Bonemancer build will be able to handle him.

    In the City Of The Damned (Act 4)The creatures in the City of the Damned are among the easiest of the entire late game defeat. They are relying on elemental and poison immunity. Therefore, players with a Sorceress or Poison Nova Necromancer would want to avoid the city buy diablo 2 resurrected items, however physical damage dealers can slice through these mobs like butter.