Keep on playing in the NBA following the culmination of a year

  • The dimensions of the box will differ. The higher dunk score and position of a player can increase the chances of making the move. If an opponent is defending the paint NBA 2K Coins, it will most likely result in a difficult to complete. Specialties and traits like Lob City Finisher or Fearless Finisher can give players a extra boost when they attempt to make dunks last near the edge.

    The dunk rating and requirements will depend in the length and attribute set of the player. A player should be at least an 84 in driving dunk, and 70 or greater in vertical ratings in order to finish a pro alley-oop or contact dunk. Additionally, they should have at least a 92 in standing dunk and 80 or more with their vertical rankings to complete elite dunk packages, like poster dunks or 360-degree jams.

    You need to press to either the R2 (or RT trigger, and then hold the left stick toward the hoop while you perform a two-hand dunk. The two-hand dunk is one of the simplest dunks you can perform with NBA 2K22.

    This move is best executed during the break, or when your paint has been clear of the defenders. It is recommended to use players with a higher dunk rating and vertical such as NBA players like LeBron or Kevin Durant, for this dunk.

    The flashy dunk may be executed by pressing R2 or RT while running towards the basket and flicking either stick to the left in any way Buy NBA 2K22 MT. A flashy dunk is executed by any athlete who owns the elite or professional dunk packages with the corresponding dunk rating and vertical.