Advantages Of China Pvc Bathroom Cabinets


    In the decoration process, decoration companies usually ask us whether we need plastic wood flooring. What is plastic wood flooring? What are the advantages and disadvantages of China PVC bathroom cabinets? These are all questions that owners need to understand. If you are decorating yourself in the use of plastic wood flooring, you may have a certain understanding of the installation of plastic wood flooring and the specifications of plastic wood flooring. Let's enter the world of plastic wood flooring together!


    First, what is plastic wood floor

    In simple words, the plastic wood floor is made of wood powder and plastic foam, and then made of hardener. It is a very green and environmentally friendly decoration material. It can replace high-tech materials of wood and plastic. Professionals call them WPCs. The current plastic wood floor is usually used in garden landscape, interior and exterior wall decoration, floor, guardrail and other places. It can be said that it is a decoration material that can be seen everywhere. Second, the installation method of plastic wood floor Although the plastic wood floor looks very copied, its installation is very simple, we can use several steps to get it: 1. Tools and material preparation: ordinary woodworking tools, electric drills, screwdrivers , expansion screws, plastic wood floor, plastic wood floor fasteners, etc.; 2. Calculate the installation site and cut the material. The water absorption rate of the plastic wood material is about 0.2%, and the expansion rate is about 0.5%, so the installation When this floor is used, a gap of about 0.6-1mm should be left between each floor to prevent the collision of the boards caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the floor in the future.

    3. Installation steps of plastic wood floor:

    Picture (1), fix the plastic wood keel, arrange the cut plastic wood keel evenly, and lay it on a flat and clean cement floor. It is recommended that the distance between each keel be between 30-40mm. Then use an electric drill to punch the plastic wood keel, and the hole diameter should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the expansion screw. Screw the screws into the holes that have been drilled on the keel to fix it on the ground. It should be noted that all the screws must be screwed into the keel, and do not protrude from the keel; (2) Fix the floor: each plastic wood floor has buckles To install the groove, align the edge of the floor with the keel, and screw it into the keel with the plastic wood floor fasteners and screws; (3) Install the second floor: When installing the second floor, the floor fastener grooves should be clamped. Fix the first floor fasteners, and then use the fasteners to fix the floor on the keel, and the following installation is the same as the method; (4), the floor edge: After all the plastic wood floors are installed, for the sake of appearance Finishing the offer 4×8 PVC foam boards, you can use a plastic wood L-shaped finishing frame, and then fix it directly to the edge of the floor with screws. In this way, the installation of the plastic wood floor is completed. It should be avoided that the gap during the installation of the plastic wood floor must be left enough, otherwise, if the later expansion occurs, the floor will be deformed.