You May Not Know Much About Machine Roomless Elevators And Mach

  •     While it is sometimes appropriate to remove the computer room, sometimes it is better to have a dedicated computer room. Additionally, shaft dimensions and passenger considerations are affected when a separate machine room is not provided.

    Machine room passenger elevator: The size of the machine room depends on the size of the motor/pump unit (if hydraulic)

    The motor and controller are located in this room

    Less noise inside the shaft because they are outside the shaft

    If the unit is hydraulic, the tank and most of the fluid are in this room

    The pit depth may be smaller because there are no extra parts in the pit

    Easier to work with these components because they are more accessible

    Any replacement parts are easier to install as access is easier

    Less maintenance time - lower cost

    No need to cram all equipment into the hoistway

    Shafts do not require access doors

    The controller and motor are in the machine room

    No need for temperature control of the shaft

    Only components that are sensitive to temperature changes are in the room

    The lower initial cost of elevators

    lower equipment cost

    Less time to install elevators

    Machine Roomless Passenger Elevator:

    The motor (pump unit - if hydraulic) and controller are squeezed into the shaft

    Since the motor is there, it is more noisy (when taking the elevator)

    Passengers will smell hydraulic oil (the tank is now in the shaft)

    It's more difficult to work on the motor and controller because everything is crammed into the shaft

    Maintenance takes longer - moving in tight confines - more expensive

    Larger shafts - take into account the additional equipment in the shafts

    Access doors are required for manual lowering and access to equipment

    The shaft needs to be temperature controlled

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