Frostfire Island Guide for Lost Ark

  • Frostfire Island is a mix of a frozen and lava island, but its token will undoubtedly be complicated it can be to acquire. In this guide, we'll reveal to you every little thing you need to learn about Lost Ark Frostfire Island, including its location, exactly how to get its Island Tokens, and the areas of the Mokoko Seed.

    Where to Find Frostfire Island in Lost Ark?

    Frostfire Island is an island found northwest of Shushire Island in the Northwest Gienah Sea. You can come below anytime if your item level is above 460. There will be ice all over the place, so you require to have a hold on the Sturmbrecher ship.

    Exactly how to Obtain the Frostfire Island Token in Lost Ark?

    To obtain the Frostfire Island Token, you must beat the Lost Ark world employer in the island's facility, Braeleos.

    You can enter the island whenever; however, the world employer will only spawn on top of the hr on particular days. You can also examine when he indeed spawns in by checking your interface's Procyon's Compass or the alarm symbols.

    Later, you can head to the island's facility, where in charge, Brealeos, will undoubtedly spawn.

    The one in charge is an easy damage sponge without complex mechanics and decreases quickly.

    You can join this island anytime, and however, if you aren't Item Level 1385 or above, you won't deal substantial damages to the boss.

    Loss Brealeos, and you'll make lots of rewards like developing products and inscribing dishes. You can get the Frostfire Island Token to drop as an arbitrary decline from here. As the fall is random, you may require to defeat in charge numerous times.

    Lost Ark Frostfire Island Quests

    1. The Great Ordeals

        • Rewards: Four Epic Rapport Chests and 15,000 Silver (a currency similar to Lost Ark Gold).

    2. The Protection of Sirius

        • Rewards: Four Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch, four Uncommon Engraving Recipe Selection Chests (depending on class), 27,500 Silver, and one Courage point.

    3. Fire Demon's Rage

        • Rewards: Four Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch, six Legendary through Uncommon Card Packs, and 27,500 Silver.

    All Frostfire Island Mokoko Seed Locations

    Frostfire Island has 3 Mokoko Seeds, which are scattered around. Below, we'll help you find all the Mokoko seed areas:

    Mokoko Seed # 1

    The first location of the Mokoko seed gets on the island's Southside. Not at the corner of the most southern point of the map; it's right at the very edge.

    Mokoko Seed # 2

    The second location of the Mokoko seed in Frostfire island is located on the most southern point of the map. You will certainly need to go towards the completion of the map, where some trees cover it, and you will undoubtedly see the Mokoko seed put on the ground and awaiting you to pick it up!

    Mokoko Seed # 3

    The 3rd location is located means up on the Northside of the island. This is the fire-bordered location of the island. The Mokoko seed will undoubtedly be placed behind a rock and bound by lava. Once you arrive, get the seed, and you will finish the collection of all 3 seeds for the island.

    That's every little thing you require to understand about the Frostfire Island in Lost Ark, and now you need to have a suggestion of exactly how to obtain the Frostfire Island Token and Mokoko Seeds. For more details on Lost Ark, browse here.