Introduction To The Wrapping Method Of Aluminium Magnet Wire

  • Generally, the wrapping method of aluminium Magnet wire mainly includes all overlapping wrapping and all gap wrapping. Usually, the innermost layer and the outermost layer are overlapped and wrapped, and the remaining two layers are wrapped. In the production process of the enameled wire, the condensation and curing of the enameled wire and the evaporation of the solvent are carried out at the same time, and a certain amount of solvent evaporation causes odor and air pollution.

    Magnet wire refers to the combination of a certain number of enameled flat aluminum wires into two rows, wide surfaces in contact with each other, and then transfer the same direction along the upper and lower narrow surfaces of the two rows of enameled flat wires as needed, and then use an electrician. Insulating paper and rope or tape can be used as a continuous winding wire.

    The appearance of CCA wire is the same as the other copper wires on the outside because it is actually aluminum and coated with a thin layer of copper. You need to look at it head-on to see the aluminum in the middle. Compared with wires made entirely of aluminum, CCA has better electrical conductivity. Copper coating helps, but it's still not as good as pure copper wire. It is also stronger than pure aluminum wire, but weaker than pure copper wire.