Round Enameled Aluminum Wire Is Widely Used

  • There are three spools in the package of enameled aluminum wire, each of which has a different gauge and length, and contains a coating for insulation (usually ceramic enamel or epoxy) on the wire; it is usually used to wind electromagnets Or the coil of a motor. The coating must be removed by burning or scraping to allow welding as required.

    Enameled fiberglass insulated wires are made of reliable and high-quality raw materials, and various sizes and grades of enameled fiberglass insulated copper and aluminum tapes are available. These enamel glass fiber insulated copper and aluminum tapes have excellent performance.

    Enameled round aluminum wire is extruded or drawn from an oxygen-free copper rod into a mold of a certain specification, and then the insulating layer is coated with insulating varnish many times. Round Enameled Aluminum Wire is widely used in transformers, motors, generators, and other similar electrical instruments.