Introduction And Technology Of Enameled Aluminum Wire

  • In daily life, it is common to use copper wires as wires, but there are also enameled aluminum wires. Let’s talk about the enameled copper wire first. It has good electrical conductivity and is widely used in the manufacture of wires, cables, brushes, etc.; it has good thermal conductivity and is often used to manufacture magnetic instruments and meters that must be protected from magnetic interference, such as compasses and aviation instruments. Etc.; excellent plasticity, easy to hot and cold press processing, can be made into tubes, rods, wires, strips, strips, plates, foils and other copper materials. Pure copper products include smelted products and processed products.

    Aluminum wire refers to its full length in the longitudinal direction, and the uniform cross-section refers to a metal wire-shaped material made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy. Products are processed under pressure along the heart and delivered in rolls. The cross-sectional shape includes circle, ellipse, square, rectangle, equilateral triangle and regular polygon. According to the material, it is divided into pure aluminum wire and alloy aluminum wire. According to the purpose, it is divided into industrial aluminum wire and craft aluminum wire.

    The Round Enameled Aluminum Wire has also gradually begun to take shape.