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  • To be clear; Canada loves you, United States. You Cheap wow classic gold buy our oil, you made Drake a superstar and you haven invaded us for 205 years. As Poland and Ukraine keep reminding us, we really couldn ask for a better superpower neighbour.However, just because it all worked out doesn mean that starting a brutal war over a tax dispute wasn a bit of an overreaction.

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    The real Super Mario Bros 2 was, essentially, a level pack for Super Mario Bros. It had the same graphics, ran on the same engine, and barring a few differences was pretty much the same game, only with different levels. Nintendo of America thought it was too difficult to be released in the US, however, and opted to reskin Doki Doki Panic instead and release it as the sequel to the original Super Mario Bros.

    The reason behind such a vast success of Skyrim is mostly its interactive and very involving game play. Throughout the game player works on character building and completes different quests to take the characters to next level. As characters move up the levels they get gain different skills and get better in combat.

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