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  • Pain O Soma was supported for clinical use in the United States from 1959. Pain O Soma was arranged into Schedule IV medication according to the Controlled Substance Act beginning around 2012 in the United States. This medication was removed in the European market because of its possibility to substance addiction.

    Pain O Soma Indications

    Pain O Soma 350 is for the most part shown to get outer muscle torment caused due strains, injuries, and wounds alongside legitimate rest and non-intrusive treatment if necessary.

    Normal Pain O Soma Dose

    The ideal endorsed portion of Pain O Soma is 250mg to 350mg three times each day or at sleep time not surpassing more than a little while.

    When to Avoid Pain O Soma?

    Pain O Soma 500 medication is encouraged to stay away from in patients having issues like a seizure, kidney brokenness, liver brokenness, and in youngsters more youthful than 16 years.

    Pain O Soma Side Effects

    Other than planned advantages Pain O Soma might show some normal incidental effects like tipsiness, languor, and migraine. Habit, hypersensitive responses, and seizures are some conceivable genuine incidental effects.

    Impacts on organs

    Pain O Soma isn't known to show significant effects on any organs. Yet, it might influence the liver and kidneys whenever utilized in bigger portions for extensive stretches.

    Admonitions and Precautions

    Pain O Soma isn't encouraged to use in patients more youthful than 16 years, and patients with serious liver and kidney weaknesses and with a background marked by seizures.

    Not encouraged to take liquor while utilizing this medication especially on account of patients with a known history of chronic drug use or liquor misuse and intense porphyria.

    Encouraged to use with alert in patients like pregnant, nursing moms, and older.

    Announced Allergic Reactions

    Odds of hypersensitive responses on account of Pain O Soma are uncommon. In any case, is it encouraged to counsel your PCP or health related crisis division on the off chance that any indications of unfavorably susceptible responses like hives, tingling, shallow breathing and enlarging of face, lips, and throat are taken note.

    Impact of Pain O Soma on the feminine cycle

    The impact of torment O Soma on periods isn't clinically settled. Counsel your primary care physician assuming you are utilizing this medication.

    Pain O Soma Drug Interactions to Be Careful About

    Pain O Soma might interface with different meds whenever utilized simultaneously. Underneath referenced are some medication Pain O Soma might show conceivable medication collaborations.



    Anti-inflamatory medicine














    Sodium Oxybate





    Food connections of Pain O Soma

    There is no specific food limitation with respect to Pain O Soma. Yet, liquor utilization isn't exhorted as it would trigger or bother the calming impacts and can prompt extreme dangerous issues like substantial lethargy, shallow breathing, and unconsciousness.

    Associations with research center methodology

    Restricted information is accessible on the impacts of the medication over lab strategies. As an overall practice, it is encouraged to illuminate the insights regarding all your present rundown of medicine and non-physician recommended medication with your PCP prior to going to any lab tests.

    How Long Does the Effect Stay?

    Pain O Soma begins working inside 30 minutes and the impact of the medication keeps awake to 6 hours. The end half-existence of the medication is 2.5 hours. This medication is processed in the liver and discharged by the kidneys.

    Is Pain O Soma Addictive?

    Pain O Soma viewed as habit-forming like Xanax despite the fact that it is distinctive medication as a result of the quieting and narcotic impact especially on account of patients with a background marked by illicit drug use or liquor misuse.

    Would i be able to have Pain O Soma with liquor?

    Actually no, not encouraged to have this medication alongside liquor as it can prompt extreme hazardous issues.

    Would i be able to have Pain O Soma When Pregnant?

    There is no pregnancy order for this medication from the US FDA. Creature studies have shown a possible decrease of fetal weight yet there is no clinical foundation showing the impacts of this medication in people. Likely damage and advantages of this medication must be weighed to endorse the medication to pregnant ladies.

    Would i be able to have Pain O Soma when taking care of a child?

    Pain O Soma medication can go through mother drain and can influence the newborn children. Subsequently the advantages and damage to the newborn child must be weighed prior to recommending the medication to nursing moms.

    Would i be able to drive subsequent to taking Pain O Soma?

    Not encouraged to do exercises like driving or working hardware as the medication can cause tiredness.

    Impact of an excess of Pain O Soma

    Excess of Pain O Soma can be deadly especially whenever burned-through alongside liquor or other medication that causes discombobulation. Side effects of excess can be as referenced underneath and will be tended to right away.

    Vision issues


    Mental trips

    Muscle firmness

    Loss of coordination

    Shallow relaxing

    Blacking out


    Extreme lethargies

    Impact of utilizing lapsed Pain O Soma

    As an overall practice, it isn't encouraged to utilize lapsed medication. A lapsed medication may not give the expected advantages. It is instructed to arrange with respect to the terminated medication according to clinical standards.

    Impact of missing a portion of Pain O Soma

    Missing a solitary portion of Pain O Soma may not bring about any major issues It isn't encouraged to take an additional a portion to make up the missed portion. Simply avoid the missed portion and proceed with the following standard portion.

    Capacity prerequisites

    It is encouraged to store the medication at room temperature away from direct hotness or daylight. Pain O Soma must be put away from reach to pets and children.

    Substitutes for Pain O Soma

    Your primary care physician might endorse any of the underneath referenced medication as a substitute to Pain O Soma (Carisoprodol).

    Baclofen (Lioresal)

    Cyclobenzaprine (Amrix)

    Metaxalone (Skelaxin)

    Methocarbamol (Robaxin)

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    Vilafinil 200

    Artvigil 150