The release of Path of Exile 3.15 extension is on the agenda

  • According to reliable sources, Grinding Gear Games will announce some news about the Path of Exile 3.15 expansion today, which has stimulated the interest of many players who have begun to get tired of the 3.14 expansion. The Ultimatum League in the expansion of Path of Exile 3.14 is a new league with a very wide range of content and integrates the outstanding features of many previous leagues. In the more than two months since its entry into force, it has contributed a lot of playable content to players and also allowed them to earn many POE Currency.

    According to the three-month life cycle of a league, it has almost reached the end of its life. In the upcoming Path of Exile 3.15 expansion, there will be more content and mechanisms that can arouse players’ enthusiasm. On July 8, GGG will announce the exact release plan of the POE 3.15 extension on Twitch. On July 16, the new Path of Exile extension will be available on PC and Mac. Console players may have to wait a few more days as usual to enjoy the new expansion. There is not much time left.

    Looking back from the beginning of this year to the present, Echo of Atlas and Ultimatum both have performed very well, which has brought endless fun to the players. Although there may be some unpleasant episodes in the middle, but it is harmless. For novice players, when they enter the game, they need to understand the game guide and the history of the development of Path of Exile and many practical tips to help them grow faster.

    However, even experienced players can not take it lightly. Although they have more practical experience, no one knows what the new extension will look like, which is a whole new world for everyone. Each player stands on the same starting line, and their respective achievements determined by their efforts. They can speed up their pace through POE Items Buy and get great honors as soon as possible.