Fans of Path of Exile can sell game equipment to make money

  • recently announced that they have reached a partnership with Grinding Gear Games, the developer of Path of Exile, to provide a customized store for content creators. Their idea is that they will be able to help sell equipment in free online action role-playing games and POE Currency. Broadcasters and creators will plan custom stores on their live broadcast or YouTube website, adding their favorite items and content through the Nexus platform. These storefronts will help Grinding Gear Games sell more things to more people, and creators will get 8% revenue.

    This is like the affiliate marketing of a website. If network creators can recommend customers to buy products with specific links, they will get a share of sales. But Nexus has a way to display the store on the live broadcaster or YouTubers page, giving fans the opportunity to see the broadcaster use it during the live broadcast to purchase game-related things. CEO Justin Sacks said in an interview with GamesBeat that they think this is very exciting, and there are already many content creators, anchors and YouTubers involved and excited about it. Path of Exile will get more attention, which is a win-win situation for both parties.

    For many streamers, this is another expression of the leisure economy, and they can all get paid by playing games. They provide GGG with the ability to truly easily turn these influencers, anchors and YouTubers into motivated partners. Bex, the community director of Grinding Gear Games, also stated in a statement that Nexus gives them the opportunity to give back to the content creators of Path of Exile in a way that is beneficial to everyone. They are very pleased that the Path of Exile community may thrive through such additional resources.

    If players have a tremendous demand for POE Currency in the future expansion, they can earn what they need in the above way, or through a reliable third-party online seller to Buy POE Orbs. Many methods are workable, depending on how the players make their own choices.