Path of Exile will make better use of the graphics card work ef

  • At the beginning of this month, Path of Exile underwent an update to make better use of the graphics card memory of players to provide players with a better visual experience. And now the development team plans to continue to optimize this aspect, which aroused enthusiastic cheers from the players. After everything becomes better, players will also have greater interest to buy POE Currency and then focus on the current league and deepen it.

    Chris Wilson of Grinding Gear Games listed all the technical details last week. The crucial point is that video RAM issues in the new Vulkan rendering a system of DirectX 11 and POE can cause the game to POE Items Buy poorly or even crash. These results will have a negative impact on the gaming experience of all players. A conservative solution will make some textures blurry over a period. Although this is not a critical issue, it is still an unattractive one.

    The new solution will actively use as much VRAM as possible to load content quickly, while also allowing players with low-end graphics cards to manage it easily. For example, if the developers provide an update of the update status today, they can deploy it as early as tomorrow. If the player needs to perform operations because of poor performance, there will also be a “Wipe Cache” button available. Grinding Gear Games stated it will pay close attention to player experience reports after they launched the patch. Other graphics fixes, such as invisible monsters and performance diagnostic tools, are in the file to be implemented later.

    In this way, Path of Exile is showing players better and better things, and their enthusiasm has been fully mobilized. The subsequent game team will also add more exciting challenges to the game, and players should also use their POE Currency to seek the greatest degree of progress for themselves.