Path of Exile 3.14.1c eliminated the error

  • Before the patch deployment of GGG, the developers released the patch notes for 3.14.1c. The patch is mainly to solve the error of Path of Exile. In addition to some fixes and improvements in microtransactions, this patch also brings a series of regular improvements. And players can also enjoy a better gaming experience without being affected by some critical factors. In this way, their demand for POE Currency will also increase, because that will increase the enthusiasm of players.

    First, the developer clarified that the harvesting process of turning unique items into random unique weapons can also turn items into random unique quivers. This is purely to describe the change. They also fixed the bug that the Elementalist’s elemental fortress significantly increased passive skills. If players die in a certain area, it will not reapply the original Aegis. In addition, they also fixed a bug in Mahuxotl’s Machination unique shield, which sometimes cannot trigger eternal sacrifice when the full energy shield reached.

    They have also fixed many outstanding bugs one by one. The first is that the Arcanist brand can now support the Ice Storm skill granted by the Ice Whisperer’s exclusive staff. The elemental gluttony skill granted by the unique amulet of Corrupted Blood can heal players and nearby allies when elemental damage is taken. Arrogance supporting the Pain Harbinger will no longer cause the summoned Pain Crawler to cannot attack. Players who want to know more about this information can also log in to the official Path of Exile forum to POE Currency Buy for 3.14.1c.

    Again, the addition of these patches will give players a chance to enjoy a better Path of Exile. Players also need to seize these opportunities to go deep into the current Path of Exile Ultimatum league in order to get greater achievements and richer loot and resources. They should also buy more POE Currency to improve the overall strength and self-protection capabilities of their roles. Come on.