Madden 21 Ultimate Team players benefited from Fan Appreciation

  • Although as early as February this year, the NFL 2020 season has ended, but Madden 21 is still providing players with a lot of fresh fun. EA launched the Fan Appreciation program half a month ago. Players can enter the Ultimate Team and complete the corresponding challenge to get some Madden 21 Coins or sufficient training points or precious player cards. The second week of the promotion has now started, and players can enter the reward level and choose 99 OVR Nat Golden Ticket players.

    With the release of Fan Appreciation challenges today, fans can now get a total of 120 stars. In week 2, there are 20 new challenges with a total value of 9,300 Madden coins and 72 stars. These challenges are the failure of other plans in the Ultimate Team season, including Halloween and Thanksgiving promotions. Once they get Madden 21 Coins, gamers can choose one of the 18 NAT gold ticket players. Unfortunately, it is limited to those 18 players. If other GT players are added, they will not receive the bonus package in Fan Appreciation.

    DK Metcalf 99 OVR Golden Ticket is an outstanding card that many gamers may pursue. The card has 99 areas and personnel coverage, 99 tracking, 99 tracking, 98 speed, 95 awareness and 95 game recognition. Other GT players available include Mustang QB Tim Tebow, Cowboys center back Ezekiel Elliott, Titans WR A.J. Brown and Pirates WR Mike Evans as MUT 21 Coins. Unlike other Madden Ultimate Team plans, the good news is that the Fan Appreciation promotion has not yet ended. Therefore, players do not have to worry to complete the challenge within a certain date or time to get the 99 GT player.

    As part of Madden 21 Fan Appreciation, the Ultimate Team store also offers new packaging. They are M21 Fan Appreciation packs and the price is 75,000 Madden coins or 500 points. There is also a 5 times bounty set, consisting of 5 packs, which can exchange for 2,200 points. In terms of randomly popped player items, there are endless possibilities. According to the store list, players can only purchase 5 boxes of 75,000 coins or 500 points in a pack. If players have additional needs, they can also rely on reliable GameMS to buy some Cheap Madden 21 Coins. Nice!